Special events


Each year, on the second Saturday in June, the Black Trout Adit participates in the biggest industrial culture festival in Poland - INDUSTRIADA. This festivity of the Industrial Monuments Route attracts to our facility hundreds of visitors willing to get acquainted with free miners’ heritage connected with dewatering of the historic Friedrich Mine’s workings. Additionally, many attractions await industrial heritage lovers on the ground level, including animated play activities for children and art workshops.

Winter swimming - the only event of this kind in Poland

Once a year, instead of tourists, the Adit hosts underground those who love to swim in freezing cold water. Putting on swimwear, caps, gloves and proper shoes, they strive to cover the 600 m section of the unique Adit, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in July 2017. The underground march of winter swimming lovers in water at ca. 6 degrees Celsius is preceded by a warm-up. This is the only event of this kind in Poland, taking place in an underground post-industrial facility. The underground escapade is additionally secured by properly trained lifeguards.

Night touring

Exploration of the Park in Repty by night combined with visiting a section of the Friedrich Deep Adit is an offer for all sensation-seeking tourists. Accompanied by a guide, a group starts its tour in a historic park, former lands of the Donnersmarcks, and then, armed with torches, goes underground where an extraordinary boat ride begins. Night touring is available in the summer season.

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