Are the Historic Silver Mine and the Black Trout Adit the same facility?

The Historic Silver Mine and the Black Trout Adit are two separate facilities 5 kilometres apart, they are visited independently. A drive between the sites takes about 15 minutes.

Can I visit these facilities without a guide?

Black Trout Adit touring is possible with a guide only.

Is the Black Trout Adit available for disabled people?

The route at the Black Trout Adit is not available for physically disabled people. It is not recommended for people with intellectual disability.

How can I get to the Black Trout Adit from the parking lot on Repecka Street?

Going from the parking lot, you should follow guideposts indicating route to the Adit and the shafts Ewa or Sylwester. Distance from the parking lot to the Sylwester Shaft is about 600 m and to the Ewa Shaft - about 1300 m.

Are there any toilets at the Black Trout Adit?

At the Black Trout Adit, by the Sylwester Shaft, in the season, that is from April to October, portable toilets are available. In the off-season, there is no possibility to use a toilet.

How long does Black Trout Adit touring take?

Black Trout Adit touring takes 60 minutes.

How do I access the Black Trout Adit?

You have to go down spiral stairs about 32 m underground. You leave the Adit using stairs as well.

Can the Black Trout Adit be visited by children under the age of 3?

Unfortunately, the minimum age of a child in the Black Trout Adit is 4 years.

Is it necessary for individuals to book their admission?

Individuals are not required to make a reservation, tickets for Black Trout Adit touring are sold by a guide before a tour.

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